Public debate is expensive

Now there’s a genius heckler’s veto.

Parents have been issued with a demand for £600 to cover the cost of hiring private security guards before a public debate over gender ideology in schools.

But why do they have to hire private security guards?

The group, Concerned Adults Talking Openly About Gender Identity Ideology, plans to hold a meeting at Portobello Library in Edinburgh on March 14 but it has prompted anger among trans activists who are trying to force its cancellation.

That’s why. Because many “trans activists” and their “activist” allies get violent.

Making the objects of the violence pay for security is an ingenious way to silence the objects of the violence, which of course is the goal of the people who resort to violence.

The parents’ group had hoped Edinburgh city council would defend their right to discuss their concerns and were stunned to be asked to pay for security guards.

It is indeed pretty god damn stunning.

Marie Mamulova, its spokeswoman, said: “The council is unreasonably trying to hold us responsible for the maintenance of public order in the face of threats of disturbance if the meeting goes ahead.”

Which is not how this is supposed to work. At all.

“If there is any genuine threat to public order, we are the victims not the perpetrators and we should not have to pay a premium just to enjoy our rights as local residents.”

The council says yeah you should because we hate you.

Cammy Day, leader of Edinburgh city council, said: “When considering whether any proposed event should go ahead, we’re clear that everyone has the right to freedom of expression — but, equally, that this must be done within the law and in line with relevant public safety requirements. This applies to meeting attendees, council staff, potential protesters, library users and the wider community.

“For the purpose of this event, our public safety team have set out our requirements for it to go ahead safely and are awaiting a response from the organisers.”

So if a lesbian/gay group scheduled a meeting and a group of religious zealots promised to attend and make trouble, the council would tell the lesbian/gay group it had to pay for security?

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