Posh boy bites the hand that made him

Julie Burchill is enjoyably unimpressed by Daniel Radcliffe.

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe has opined – more in sorrow than in anger, no doubt, with a caring, sharing smile on those sensitive lips – that adults concerned about children changing gender are ‘condescending’. More specifically, he ‘affirmed’ the beliefs of six trans and nonbinary children at a discussion organised by LGBTQ charity The Trevor Project this week, saying: ‘There are people who also have a slightly condescending, but well-meaning attitude of “People are young… and it is a huge decision”.’ According to Radcliffe, ‘We can trust kids to tell us who they are’.

Can we? Then why can’t they vote or join the military or marry that nice rapist they met online?

No, we can’t automatically “trust” what kids tell us, because kids are vulnerable and also because kids can get things wrong. Certainly parents should pay attention to what their kids tell them, but that’s quite different from a blanket assertion that children never make mistakes about “who they are.”

Half of the 5,000 children referred to the NHS’ Tavistock clinic from 2020 to 2022 were under 15 – and over a dozen were under four years old. This is despite the fact that teenagers’ brains are still growing. Unless they swallow gender ideology, of course – then the brain growth stops and they stay stupid.

Funny but also tragically accurate.

One of the handy effects of wokeism is that it conveniently ignores class as a form of privilege. So if you went to a fee-paying school, but then identify as ‘queer’ or an ‘ally’, you can then behave as if you had a tougher start than, say, JK Rowling. As a child, Rowling was told that, due to her social class, the nearest she could ever get to her dream of being a writer was being a teacher.

But now the born to class privilege Daniel Radcliffe gets to lecture Rowling from a very great height, thanks to darling gender ideology, which insists (loudly) that being trans is by far the worst oppression there is.

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