She identifies as pulverized

What the Senator said about her intentions in storming up to KJK from behind and yelling “You don’t belong here!”:

“We do not tolerate this kind of filth being on Ngunnawal and Ngambri country. This Nazi support that these people have – they are racist, they are homophobic, they are destroying people’s lives. This country should be ashamed that they even let people like this in this country. Now I went to tell her, or that thing – that they are not welcome here. I got pulverized by the police for simply telling that person that they are not allowed to be here. So I’ve been assaulted by the police today as a sovereign [recites her Indigenous identities] woman, and the police need to answer for the assault, but also this government needs to answer why these people are allowed into this country.”

So first she says emphatically that “these people” are not allowed to be here, then she says the government needs to say why they are allowed to be here.

More centrally, she says she went to “tell this person that they are not allowed to be here.” But she is allowed to be there, which is why she is in fact there. More conspicuously, she didn’t just go tell KJK that at a convenient moment, she went up to her while she was addressing the Let Women Speak crowd, and interrupted her speech, i.e. tried to stop the woman speaking. She crashed KJK’s speech, then complained that security and the police forcibly stopped her.

And she didn’t get pulverized, either. She did end up on the ground, but that’s not so much because the police pushed her but because she was wearing stupid shoes. The police and security did forcibly stop her and move her away, yes, but I don’t think she would have tipped over if she hadn’t been wearing stupid catch me-fuck me shoes.

Also she didn’t offer any evidence that “these people are racist, they are homophobic.” I don’t think there is any such evidence.

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