Vraies femmes

Reduxx a couple of months ago:

An LGBTI rights organization in France is calling on the Minister of Equality to intervene in the case of a gynecologist who they are accusing of “transphobia.”

On September 8, SOS Homophobie, which describes itself as a “national association against LGBTIphobia” took to X (formerly Twitter) to condemn a gynecologist for stating he only provided services to females. The comment from Dr. Victor Acharian, who operates in the Pau region, was made in reply to a Google review he received in which a trans-identified male’s partner complained that Acharian refused to provide services to him.

What I wonder is, what the hell does a man expect a gynecologist to do for him? However he “identifies” and whatever he calls himself, what, when it comes right down to it, is he looking for? Is the gynecologist supposed to play a game of let’s pretend? For the sake of “validating” Monsieur?

“SIR, I am a gynecologist, and I take care of real women. I have no skills to take care of MEN, even if they have shaved their beards and come to tell my secretary that they [have] become women. My GYNECOLOGICAL examination table is not suitable for examining men. You have specialized and very competent services to take care of men like you,” Acharian wrote, emphasizing his text with capitalized letters. “Thank you for informing TRANS people to never come for consultation with me.”

(Reduxx made a little mistake in translation there, putting that “have” in “have become women” in brackets. The French is “qu’ils sont devenus femmes” and that’s because devenir is one of the few verbs that use être for the past tense instead of avoir. Ils sont devenus femmes isn’t a mistake, it’s just how it’s done in French.)

In their X post on Acharian, SOS Homophobie wrote: “We denounce the transphobes and discriminatory remarks of gynecologist Victor Acharian in Pau. Transphobia is a reality with serious consequences, particularly in access to health. It affects the entire territory.” The organization also tagged Bérangère Couillard, France’s Minister of Equality between Women and Men and the Fight against Discrimination, in an apparent effort to have Acharian investigated.

So what does SOS Homophobie want doctors to do? Pretend that men really are women and go on from there? Really? Have they thought this through?

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