Wasting time

Well I’ll just have to give you the whole sequence. It’s too maddening and too illustrative to condense.

The woman at the end on the right gets up and talks to The Misgendering Criminal to explain where he went so very wrong. Many silent seconds elapse while she informs him of this utter bullshit. He then says he’s been informed, but in doing so he commits the crime again, and then again. Why does he do this? Is he a wicked brute who enjoys making non-binary colleagues storm out of the room?

We can hear why he does it – it’s because it’s natural. It’s ingrained. It’s ordinary language. We’ve all been steeped in it from infancy. It takes a massive mental effort to remember to do something different for this one boring self-obsessed time-wasting fool. That’s the point of the Specialty Pronouns: to force everyone to lavish extra attention and effort on gender narcissists. It worked beautifully here – all those minutes squandered on this one guy who, I think we can safely assume, otherwise has nothing that would hold the attention of a deeply bored person waiting for a bus that’s an hour late.

He shouldn’t be deeply sorry, or shallowly sorry either. He shouldn’t waste half a second on the factitious emotions of this goon.

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