Always check the wording

Again with the re-wording.

Doc Stock asked for examples of Stonewall doing its thing, which has made for a highly useful thread full of sources. One item gives us yet another lie about what the trans ideology is about:

Second paragraph under “We stand up for people”:

“We do draw a line with regard to questioning whether trans people deserve the same level of equality as any other group.”

NOBODY SAYS trans people don’t deserve the same level of equality as any other group. NOBODY. There is no campaign to Make Trans People Less Equal. That’s not the issue, that’s not what it’s about, that’s not what anyone says.

What does it tell us, that they do this so relentlessly?

It tells us that they can’t defend their actual demands, so they translate them into ones that sound familiar and reasonable.

Forcing everyone to play along with people’s fantasies about themselves has nothing whatsoever to do with equality. NOTHING. It also has nothing to do with human rights except when it cancels them for other people. If you think women have a right to exclude men in some circumstances then trans ideology cancels that right.

It’s very very very telling that Stonewall and others consistently do this, because it tells us they realize, on some level, that what they’re actually campaigning for is indefensible.

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