Investigate her conduct

The Times on the Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre hearing:

A rape crisis centre run by a trans woman has been “illegitimately” hiding the biological sex of its counsellors from victims of sexual assault, an employment tribunal has heard.

Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre, whose chief executive is Mridul Wadhwa, a trans woman and activist, was said to have used “disciplinary processes to enforce its extreme and uncompromising version of gender identity theory”.

Isn’t that what rape crisis centres are for, though?

No, it damn well is not.

The dispute began when [support worker Roz Adams] consulted colleagues about a rape victim who had asked if her counsellor would be a “man or a woman” because she would feel “uncomfortable talking to a man”. It intensified when a non-binary member of the centre’s staff copied Wadhwa into an email chain and an investigation was launched into Adams’s conduct.

Her “conduct” – the conduct of asking what sex her counsellor at a rape crisis centre would be.

The tribunal had previously been told that Wadhwa told an audience that the “best way” to get staff to support trans inclusion policies was to “fire them”. Nicole Jones, a former student, told the hearing that the word “transphobes” was used in a “disparaging way”, adding: “She was asked what’s the best way to get staff on board with inclusion policies and she responded bluntly, ‘Fire them.’”

Exclude women who are not on board with “inclusion policies” that include men as bosses of rape crisis centers. Inclusion of perps at the expense of victims. Mad as a box of frogs.

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