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Scottish Greens drop candidate who called JK Rowling a ‘cow’

A SCOTTISH Greens election candidate has been deselected by the party after calling JK Rowling a “torn-faced cow”.

Sophie Molly has been blocked from standing as the party’s candidate in Gordon and Buchan at the upcoming General Election after a Scottish Green Executive Committee meeting on Wednesday night. Green members in Molly’s area had complained about her social media conduct and accused her of bringing the party into disrepute.

So now he’s tweeted that he’s ditched the Greens and joined the SNP. Frying pan/fire springs to mind.

She added: “They will afford me the respect and dignity that a proud trans woman like me deserves. I will no longer be voting Scottish Greens.”

Why does a “proud trans woman” like him deserve respect and dignity, particularly? Why is proud transitude especially respect-worthy?

For people who pause to think about it for more than two seconds, it’s rather the opposite. Thinking you’re the other sex is a delusion, at best. (At worst it’s a cynical fraud.) Why does being delusional deserve exceptional respect and dignity? Mentally ill people of course deserve basic rights and respect like everyone else, but Molly Sophie Molly is claiming he deserves enhanced respect & dignity because he’s proudly trans. I beg to differ.

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