Speaking of “disinformation and myths”

Talk about mission creep…

Amnesty International put out a press release announcing Cass review on gender identity is being ‘weaponised’ by anti-trans groups.

What does the Cass review have to do with Amnesty International? And what does Amnesty have to do with the Cass review? Does AI now see itself as simply The Correct Ones, there to rebuke the wicked and sanctify the good, “wicked” and “good” according to Amnesty itself of course?

In response to the sensationalised coverage surrounding the independent review of gender identity services for children and young people by the paediatrician Hilary Cass, Amnesty International UK and Liberty, said:

“All children have the right to access specialist effective care on time and must be afforded the privacy to make decisions that are appropriate for them in consultation with a specialist.  

“This review is being weaponised by people who revel in spreading disinformation and myths about healthcare for trans young people.

“It’s concerning that sections of the media and many politicians continue to spread moral panic with no regard for the possible consequences for trans people and their families.

Well, Ams, guess what: it’s “concerning” that you are talking venomous shit about people who are trying to keep children and teenagers from having their bodies and lives ruined by a deranged fad for sexual mutilation. Where’s your regard for the possible consequences for people labeled “trans” and their families?

“The negative rhetoric by the Government about the dangers of so-called gender ideology, healthcare for young trans people, as well as the push against LGBT-inclusive sex and relationship education is harmful and extremely damaging. It is no different from the ultra-conservative and evangelical groups pushing for discriminatory laws targeting trans people in the United States.

“Scapegoating trans people is harmful and dangerous. The Government should protect everyone’s human rights rather than exploit the diverse experiences of trans people to score points.”

Amnesty sneers at the label “gender ideology” in the very act of promoting and attempting to enforce it. It is gender ideology to call mutilation “healthcare.” It is scapegoating to pretend that all dissenters are ultra-conservative and evangelical. Amnesty is talking this dishonest crap to “score points.”

What a disgusting spectacle.

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