You thought the weirdos had put it away

Brendan O’Neill points out that the phrase “her penis” is not strictly accurate.

‘Her penis’ is back. Just when you thought the weirdos had put it away, here it is again, flopped all over the newspapers. A ‘trans woman’ allegedly ‘played with her penis’ in front of two young girls, reported the Daily Echo this week. ‘She’ allegedly ‘loved’ exposing ‘her penis’ to minors, says Portsmouth News. This ‘56-year-old charity shop worker’ is charged with ‘exposing her penis’ to horrified kids, says Talk TV. ‘Her penis’, they all say, over and over, like members of a lunatic cult, with no clue as to how unhinged they sound to those of us who know that the only possessive pronoun that should ever appear before the words penis, dick, todger and knob is his.

And note that these are ostensibly news outlets. Not story-tellers, not songwriters, not cartoonists, but news organizations. They’re supposed to get basic facts right.

They’re reporting on the case of Samantha Norris, who is a bloke. We know he’s a bloke because he has a cock. Mr Norris – yes, Mr – is accused of exposing his penis – yes, his – to two 11-year-old girls. He’s on trial at Southampton Crown Court. Even worse than the media’s slavish, post-truth flattery of Mr Norris’s deluded belief that he is a woman is the court’s indulgence of such anti-social insanity.

Another institution that really ought to get the facts right.

Nothing better captures the moral derangement of our times than those two words, ‘her penis’…. That such a sexist, unscientific term now falls from the gobs of so many in the elites – the press, the police, the courts – should horrify us all. For it confirms the victory of identity over truth. It confirms that everything – even science, even logic – now plays second fiddle to validating the self-delusion of the individual. 

Only some brands of identity though. Not women’s identity, for instance. Boutique identities only need apply.

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