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Kazemi was Tortured and Raped *

Mar 31st, 2005 | Filed by

Doctor’s account contradicts Iran’s official position that death was caused by a fall. … Read the rest

Rape, Torture, and Lies *

Mar 31st, 2005 | Filed by

Dr. Shahram Azam found a skull fracture, wounds, bruises all over Kazemi’s body.… Read the rest

Zahra Kazemi Was Gang-Raped *

Mar 31st, 2005 | Filed by

Doctor who has left Iran tells Die Zeit that Kazemi was raped and tortured.… Read the rest

Flying North

Mar 30th, 2005 8:35 pm | By

It’s one of those peculiarly gorgeous days here, when it’s difficult to stay at the desk tap-tapping. You know the kind of thing. After several days of rain, an interval, of scrubbed translucent dazzling blue sky and white clouds. So I gave up the struggle and went out for a walk along The Wall overlooking the water, islands, mountains, all that. And got a bonus. I was half-aware (my mind was elsewhere – probably musing on Richard Rorty) of hearing bird calls overhead, but I paid no heed – but then I noticed a couple of people ahead of me gazing upwards, so I looked, in plenty of time to see two large Vs of snow geese flying north. The … Read the rest

BBC Governors Reject Springer Opera Complaints *

Mar 30th, 2005 | Filed by

Dissenter disagreed that artistic significance outweighed offence caused.… Read the rest

Mugabe: Opposition Victory Will Not Be Tolerated *

Mar 30th, 2005 | Filed by

Robert Mugabe called the Zimbabwean opposition “traitors” yesterday.… Read the rest

Yet Another Twist in Schiavo Case *

Mar 30th, 2005 | Filed by

Appeals court agrees to hear petition to re-insert feeding tube.… Read the rest

What’s Up With Harvard? And Larry Summers? *

Mar 29th, 2005 | Filed by

Is it all a ‘cleavage between coastal elites and certain mainstream values’?… Read the rest

Fear of ‘Playing God’ on Only One Side of Equation *

Mar 29th, 2005 | Filed by

Ignoring patient wishes for no heroic measures is perfectly all right. … Read the rest

Armageddon is Fun and Entertaining *

Mar 29th, 2005 | Filed by

Why does Jesus decide to wear a dress while riding a horse? And other puzzles.… Read the rest

DFW Science Museum to Show ‘Volcanoes’ *

Mar 29th, 2005 | Filed by

Reverses bad decision to heed complaints of evolutionphobic whiners.… Read the rest

Panda’s Thumb Round-up

Mar 29th, 2005 12:00 am | By

[Mopping streaming eyes] This is very amusing. Over at Panda’s Thumb.

Prof. Steve Steve holds the B. Amboo Chair in Creatoinformatics at the University of Ediacara. He has been nominated five times (only twice by himself) for the Nobel Prize and has received six Barnes and Noble gift certificates.

Read the whole thing. Admire Steve’s picture, too. And there’s the one on Scientific American’s surrender to the creationists. About time – elitist bastards!

Oh just read the whole site – there’s one good item after another. What do they think, that I’ve got all day to read their posts?!

And there is the NY Times article on the Imax theatres rejecting evolooshun movies.

People who follow trends at commercial

Read the rest

Sham Inquiry

Mar 28th, 2005 8:37 pm | By

A bit from an essay of Susan Haack’s in Manifesto of a Passionate Moderate, page 8.

And to inquire is to try to discover the truth of some question. But pseudo-inquiry is a phenomenon no less common than pseudo-belief…Peirce identifies one kind of pseudo-inquiry when he writes of ‘sham reasoning’ [Collected Papers, I. 57-58]: making a case for the truth of some proposition your commitment to which is already evidence- and argument-proof.

Yes. A neat summing-up. Also a neat expression of the basic, the as it were foundational principle of B&W – which could be called identification of and opposition to sham inquiry.

Also a neat, succint description of how Margaret Mead went wrong. I’ve just been … Read the rest

Unanswered Questions in George Sand Biography *

Mar 28th, 2005 | Filed by

What were the origins of Sand’s rebellion and her ambition as a writer?… Read the rest

Illness as Identity *

Mar 28th, 2005 | Filed by

Losing a leg and half your brain cells can be an opportunity to learn…… Read the rest

Cult Studs Condemned Adorno as an Elitist *

Mar 28th, 2005 | Filed by

Dislike of American mass culture doesn’t make Adorno a political conservative.… Read the rest

Trivers’ Rhetoric of Maximum Affront *

Mar 28th, 2005 | Filed by

Trivers’s legendary papers of the early 1970s changed many disciplines.… Read the rest

IMAX Nixes Darwin for Fear of ‘Offending’ *

Mar 28th, 2005 | Filed by

Decision also affects science museums.… Read the rest

Why so much fuss about ‘a piece of clothing’?

Mar 28th, 2005 | By Azam Kamguian

Why so much fuss about ‘a piece of clothing’? In France and elsewhere in the west, teachers have a hard time with girls who come to school wearing the veil, who refuse to attend gym or biology courses, and who won’t read Voltaire because he was a non-believer.

In my speech, I will argue for banning the veil for young girls. I will refute views that promote and support veiling for young girls and try to demonstrate how banning the veil is vital for the advancement of children’s rights and the progress of our civil society.

Some feminists oppose the law to ban the veil in state schools and institutions on the grounds that the ban will strengthen Islamism. But … Read the rest

My Ancestor Was Not an Underwater Vent!

Mar 28th, 2005 3:49 am | By

It’s good to have idiots deciding what people get to see at the science museum, isn’t it. Well, that’s the market for you.

Some IMAX theaters are refusing to carry movies that promote evolution, citing concerns that doing so offends their audience and creates controversy – a move that has some proponents of Darwinism alarmed over the influence of “fundamentalists.”…A dozen science centers rejected the 2003 release, “Volcanoes,” because of it speculation that life on Earth may have originated in undersea vents, says Dr. Richard Lusk, an oceanographer and chief scientist for the project. Because a only small number of IMAX theaters show science films, a boycott by a few can reduce the potential audience to the point that producers

Read the rest