Clean, nice, very informative

The Bundyite fascists have big plans, The Oregonian reports.

Leaders of the armed protesters holding the national bird sanctuary on Tuesday plan to push their anti-government agenda in Grant County, whose sheriff recommends the government give in to two of their key demands.

Sheriff Glenn Palmer said in a statement to The Oregonian/OregonLive that “the government is going to have to concede something” to end the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

That’s a horrifying thing for a law enforcement official to say. The “occupation” of Malheur is illegal. The government doesn’t “have to” concede anything to the Bundyite fascists.

He said freeing a father-son ranching team from prison “would be a start. Sending the FBI home would be a start.” He referred to the FBI’s lead role in ending the refuge occupation.

“I just pray to God that cooler heads prevail and that no one gets killed,” Palmer said.

The sheriff’s endorsement of the militants’ demands stunned law enforcement officials, most of whom would not publicly discuss the matter.

Malheur County Sheriff Brian Wolfe, who has been helping in Burns, said Palmer’s position “doesn’t help the cause. If anything, it hampers the effort to end this.”

Palmer should be impeached.

Ryan Payne and Jon Ritzheimer, two leaders of the occupation, attended a lunch in John Day with about 10 local residents. Palmer was called to the lunch, but said he didn’t know ahead of time who was there.

He stayed for the lunch and then joined the group when it adjourned to meet in private at a nearby business.

Ritzheimer said that as the meeting ended, Palmer pulled out his pocket version of the U.S. Constitution.

He had the two militants autograph it, Ritzheimer said.

“We shared similar ideas about where we’re at” in the country, Payne said.

“The sheriff has a practical plan for helping unravel the federal government,” Payne said.

Yeeah we don’t need fascists and their plans to unravel the federal government, thanks.

Jim Sproul, a Grant County businessman who attended the meeting, said the protesters were “clean, nice, very informative.”

“What I took away from it is they’re no militants,” Sproul said. “They’re not terrorists. I think they are very patriotic.”

That’s not a very subtle code for “WHITE” – the lawbreaking fascists were clean, nice, WHITE.

This situation gets more foul every day.

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