Having been physically stopped from breathing

Confirmed. Samia Shahid was strangled.

Deputy Inspector General Abu Bakr Khuda Bux revealed to the BBC how she died, following the launch of a murder inquiry based on information they got from her husband, Syed Mukhtar Kazam.

No arrests have been made in the case, he confirmed.

However, Ms Shahid’s father Mohammad and a cousin known as Mobeen have both been interviewed by officers, though neither [has] been detained.

They can’t arrest or interview her first husband until Saturday, when the pre-arrest bail order expires.

Pakistani daily The News revealed the forensic report, released earlier, confirmed Ms Shahid had been murdered and her death had not been from natural causes.

The paper said the report stated clearly her death was caused by suffocation, having been physically stopped from breathing.

Post-mortem tests stated her death was as a result of strangulation.

Since her family lied about what caused her death, that puts them squarely in the frame.

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