“Hi, you don’t know me; you suck”

There I am, minding my own business as usual, and I see I have a DM on Facebook. I open the DM. It’s from a total stranger who is not a Facebook friend. I have one mutual friend with him. So Facebook is letting total strangers DM us now? I don’t remember agreeing to that.

The stranger’s name is Tony Philpott. Google tells me he’s a successful screenwriter in Dublin.


Dear Ophelia. Just viewed your recent exchange on Atheist Ireland. I have never, ever resorted to an ad hominem response, but having viewed your exposure on such issues I will break my rule. You are a “closed” person. A person without dimension, a person with whom discourse is impossible. The very act of engagement, is, to you, an affront; it is deemed to be an affront to feminism, an affront to you personally. I would dearly love to engage with you, but no matter the validity of my argument – you, and your followers would deem it mansplaining. On that basis, any response, be it critical, or simply in the interest of expanding the dialogue, can only meet with a closed, insular mind.


I don’t know him. I haven’t had any “exchange on Atheist Ireland” – Atheist Ireland is nothing to do with me, I’m not in any groups or circles of Atheist Ireland’s, I’m not in a position to have exchanges on it. I have no idea how Tony Philpott thinks he knows any of that about me.

People are so bizarre.

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