Empty barrel yourself

It’s bizarre that Kelly refuses to apologize.

Newsweek reports:

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is demanding an apology for Florida Representative Frederica Wilson after “reprehensible” and “blatant lies” were spewed about her from the White House podium.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly falsely told reporters on October 19 that Wilson took credit for securing funding for an FBI facility, calling her an “empty barrel”—and did not retract his comments after a video from the building dedication revealed that Wilson did not do what Kelly said she did.

Kelly seems to have a very high opinion of his own honor, so wouldn’t you think he would see it as dishonorable to tell several lies about someone, have the lies clearly demonstrated to be lies, and refuse to withdraw them and apologize?

“General Kelly’s comments are reprehensible,” the CBC said in a statement. “Congresswoman Wilson’s integrity and credibility should not be challenged or undermined by such blatant lies. We, the women of the Congressional Black Caucus, proudly stand with Congresswoman Wilson and demand that General Kelly apologize to her without delay and take responsibility for his reckless and false statements.”

The CBC support follows Wilson’s own request for an apology. She accused Kelly of “character assassination” on Sunday for calling her an “empty barrel” after she revealed Trump’s insensitive comments to a gold star widow whose husband, Army Sgt. La David Johnson, died in an ambush in Niger, Africa.

“Not only does he owe me an apology, he owes an apology to the American people, because when he lied on me he lied to them, and I don’t think it’s fair,” Wilson told MSNBC. “He owes the American people an apology for lying on one of their congresswomen.”

It’s clearly not fair. He has the platform of the White House chief of staff, and he abused it to tell several damaging lies about Wilson. Decidedly not fair.

They degrade us all.

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