Rush Limbaugh said

Today in TrumpOnTwitter.

Oh well if Rush Limbaugh said so.

Since then he’s been busy with stuff like that Rally at the Orlando airport. But then a couple of hours ago he went Full Fascist.

The press is the enemy of the people, according to him. Once again he’s inciting hatred and, potentially, violence.

Let’s go back to October 1933:

On October 4th 1933 the Reich Press Law stated that all journalism had to be ‚Äúracially clean”. Any Jewish and liberal editors and journalists were sacked and all remaining editors had to take a Nazi citizenship test and prove that they were not married to a Jew. Any Jew who owned a newspaper was pressurised into selling out. If any Jewish owner refused to do this, the government banned the production of his newspaper for a few days that could then become weeks and months.

Trump would do that if he could. He wouldn’t hesitate.

He can’t, yet, and I don’t think it’s likely that he’ll be able to. But am I confident about that? No.

A value judgment can’t be “FAKE.” A value judgment isn’t the same as a fact claim.

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