Trump demands more toughness

Trump is parading his id on Twitter again.

Must be proactive! he says – meaning, no doubt, that once someone is “in the sights” of Scotland Yard (actually MI5), that someone should be arrested and held indefinitely, no matter how slim or shaky the evidence. Never mind human rights, never mind the law, never mind probabilities: when in doubt throw people in prison and leave them there.

We must cut off the Internet! And use it better! Both at the same time!

Trump himself is doing a lot of recruiting. Trump himself likes to incite people to hatred and violence. Trump is not the guy to tell anyone how to use the Internet.

Trump’s beloved travel ban should be far larger – it should ban all Muslims from everywhere. It should be tougher – it should ban them instantly, starting right now, and tough shit if they’re already on planes in the air. It should be more specific – it should ban all Muslims.

But “stupidly” we think that banning some 20% of the world’s people from immigrating to the US would be both religious discrimination and racist, and the label for that is “not politically correct.” To foul narcissistic callous shits like Trump it’s bad to reject racism and religious discrimination, it’s bad and weak and contemptible.┬áTo foul narcissistic callous shits like Trump the right thing to be is proudly, rudely, unashamedly racist and hostile.

That’s the president of the US.

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