More than you might guess

Jennifer Rubin points out the obvious fact that Trump is a racist, and then says the good news is that people see it and they don’t like it.

The Quinnipiac poll released this week shows a plurality (49 percent) think he is a racist while 47 percent do not. Among the 47 percent are 86 percent of Republicans, roughly the same percentage that support him. (They simply will not believe the president they voted for is a racist.)

Well, let’s clarify that a little. They simply will not accept that terminology. They will believe that he’s hostile to non-white people in the same way they are, but they will most definitely not accept that we get to call that “racism.” Oh no. It’s “tough on crime” or “not politically correct” or “defending our borders.” Calling it racist is just more libbrul snowflakery.

Nevertheless, by a small margin (50 percent to 44 percent) voters are willing to believe Trump’s sincere beliefs about controlling the border, not racism, are the main motivator for his immigration policies.

What I’m saying. They’re his beliefs, they’re sincere, they’re about the border, and they’re not at all racist no sir.

Even more interesting, a large majority (55 percent to 39 percent) think Trump has emboldened other people to voice racist views.

That’s interesting. You’d think they would resist that just as fiercely as the “he is racist” claim…or no, I guess the idea is that he’s not racist but these funny other people misunderstand him and misuse his ideas and his rhetoric when they voice racist views.

But also, they really don’t like the family-separation policy.

Americans are more resistant to racism than one might imagine. They don’t think immigrants commit more crimes, don’t like his immigration policies (58 percent to 39 percent) and by a large plurality want to make it easier to immigrate to America (49 percent to 32 percent). After two years of hearing Trump smear and dehumanize immigrants, they aren’t buying his line. Those who favor robust legal immigration and a humane, sensible policy toward illegal immigrants (including ‘dreamers’) don’t need to be defensive. They should make the case — with plenty of facts on their side — that immigrants have always made America great. It’s Trump who is making us small.

A tiny light in a sea of darkness.

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