Class photo time again: Trump with the spring class of White House interns:

That’s nearly 100 people; I think I found four who are not white.

Also, how weird is it that all the women have the Trump-women look? The long hair worn down over the shoulders in front in the manner of Princess Ivanka – every single female person in the photo is wearing her hair that way. As a female person who had long hair in her youth I can tell you that’s not a natural or default way to wear long hair; the natural thing is to pull it all back out of the way and just leave it there. It’s weird to drape some of it over your front as if it were fabric. But then long hair gets to be a nuisance in the end, just another way “feminine” presentation is designed to hobble women via inconvenience.

Anyway. Classy diversity there, Trumpies.

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