Peter Aldhous at BuzzFeed, one of the three names on the Lawrence Krauss article, reports on one slice of the reaction:

The nexus of the US skeptic community, the Center for Inquiry, today suspended its ties with physicist Lawrence Krauss. The decision came 11 days after BuzzFeed News revealed a series of allegations of sexual harassment against him.

In a tweet, the organization said, “Serious allegations have been raised regarding Lawrence Krauss, and we suspend our association with him pending further information.”

Krauss was made an honorary member of CFI’s board of directors in December 2011. He has now been removed from the list of honorary board members on the organization’s website.

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science retweeted the CFI statement, and also shared it on Facebook. The comments on the Facebook post are almost all from men, and loathsome. Yay atheist “community.”

Jason MacDonald The court of public opinion passes down another judgment before any due process is utilized, and the Richard Dawkins Page shows its spinelessness by disassociating from an unconvicted person based solely on unproven accusations based in rumor, hearsay, and for the fear of being associated. Pathetic.

Alex Homero Oh no another recognizable evil man tried to get laid by making advances toward a woman. That’s harrassing and assault in feminist liberal lalaland! Burn him at the stake! 🙄

Nicholas Weppner in the age of Tinder causing steep increase in siphilis cases, and 50 shades of grey being the best selling book this is pretty rediculous, guys super famous in his circle and not a geriatric. Feminists love taking scalps and no one seems to want to stand up to them.

Laurance Emory I’m sticking with him until presented with hard real harassment evidence. Unfortunately some current accusations are like a fatwah from Ayotollah: no impartial jury to consider, no one can rescind or appeal once it is out.

Danni Feveile Börm Great. Another conviction without a trial. I dunno what it is about yet, but what happened to innocent until proven guilty? I expect better from a foundation with reason in its name.

David Tanti Richard Dawkins went full stupid on this one.

If Krauss is alleged to have committed a crime, he should be reported to the authorities and investigated.

He is innocent until proven guilty.

Does Dawkins not remember the Salem Witch Trials?

And on and on and on.

Back to the Aldhous piece.

Krauss told BuzzFeed News that the story presented “false and misleading defamatory allegations.” He did not respond to a request for comment, made through his lawyer, about CFI’s decision to suspend him.

CFI declined to elaborate on what information caused it to suspend its relationship with Krauss, or what “further information” it is seeking.

In 2016, CFI merged with the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, which also tweeted the statement about Krauss.

Well, it tweeted the CFI statement, as coming from CFI. It didn’t tweet it as coming from the RDFRS, or as a joint statement. It’s not clear to what extent the RDFRS is endorsing or sharing in the statement. On the other hand the commenters on the Facebook post are taking it as an endorsement by the RDFRS and by Dawkins himself, so maybe my questions are otiose.

Dawkins has not yet commented publicly on the allegations against Krauss. However, three days after the BuzzFeed News story was published, he posted a tweet stating that he was looking forward to a 10-year anniversary event for the Origins Project at Arizona State University, which Krauss heads:

Quite so, and it seemed very pointed (though also passive-aggressive), so maybe my questions are not otiose.

Dawkins did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In May, he and Krauss are scheduled to go on a speaking tour in Australia and New Zealand called “Science in the Soul.” The tour is billed as featuring observations on “the current state of anti-scientific affairs” by speakers revered for “their unapologetic takedowns of religion.”

Shortly before CFI’s announcement, Think Inc., the Australian promoter of the tour, told BuzzFeed News that it was still considering whether it should go ahead. “We will make a decision in the coming days,” Desh Amila of Think Inc. said.

Whichever way they decide, I hope they can avoid the “bitchez r lyin” routine.

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