Oh THAT guy

Ohhh I’ve just been reminded who Gregor Murray is – the guy Maya Forstater “misgendered” so outrageously that she lost her contract. I was reminded by Jarvis Dupont at The Spectator:

Yesterday we witnessed a stunning and brave victory of tolerance over reality. Vile TERF, Maya Forstater lost her case at an employment tribunal for, amongst other things, referring to former SNP councillor and non-binary transgender individual, Gregor Murray as ‘he’…

… Before quitting the party, Gregor had been suspended for ‘abusing a woman on Twitter’. They has obviously been targeted because in my opinion, calling an ignorant TERF a ‘cunt’ is a perfectly legitimate way for a non-binary politician to behave.

Oh, thought I, that’s familiar, thought I, didn’t I once…

So I looked it up and yes, I did. We’ve met Gregor Murray before. It was July 12, 2018:

The pitfalls of being woke:

The pitfalls of being woke:

Dundee’s children and families convener has apologised after being blasted over a series of expletive-laden outbursts on social media.

Not just expletives though. “Expletive” is a bit of a euphemism, as so many words that name this behavior are. There is swearing, and then there is…that thing there is no one word for, that is about expressing hatred of people for being female or not white or lesbian or gay or foreign and so on. Saying fuck is one thing, and calling people cunts or niggers is another. The Dundee guy did both.

You’ll never guess.

The councillor, who identifies as gender non-binary, described a group of women blocking the front of the march as “utter cunts” and asked a fellow Twitter user, “where’s your fucking solidarity you transphobic b*****?”. Cllr Murray added: “Get to fuck with your medieval views, you horrible bigot. Stonewall started with trans people. Don’t you fucking dare sully it with your anti-trans bullshit.”

So that’s who he is. Yet he gets solemn sympathy from a judge because a woman “misgendered” him.

Cllr Murray, the authority’s equality spokesperson, was also called out last year by then Scottish Labour Kezia Dugdale for “blatant sexism” after he branded a women’s group campaigning for equal representation as “absolute roasters”.

Which means nothing to Americans, but in Scotland is much the same as “cunts.”

He also called it a load of piss when First Minister Alex Salmond suggested a 40% female quota in boardrooms.

James Kirkup in the Spectator last year also noticed the surprisingly tactful way the BBC and others reported on Murray’s views on women:

Cllr Murray of Dundee identifies as non-binary and prefers “they” as a pronoun. Cllr Murray recently quit as convenor of children and family services, and as SNP equal opportunities spokesman.

“Trans councillor leaves roles after ‘threats to life’” was the BBC headline on the story about this last week.

A casual reader might have taken the impression that this was a simple, sad tale of bigotry in modern Britain, a transgender person hounded out of a prominent public role by the nasty prejudice that too many trans people do indeed suffer. What that reader would not have learned is that Cllr Murray’s resignation came about after a series of incidents in which Cllr Murray published obscene and offensive comments about women who disagreed with him. Among those comments, he described a group of lesbians who took part in a public protest as “utter c***s”.

Yet the BBC looked carefully in the other direction.

I’m not sure Gregor Murray is the ideal poster child for Why Everyone Must Use the Mandated Pronouns.

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