The appallment of Morgane Oger

You what now?

So the problem is that boardmembers of a women’s center want the women’s center to be for women?

That is, board members of a woman’s center don’t want to be “inclusive” of men, because it’s a women’s center. Morgane Oger finds this scandalous. If he were a woman maybe he would understand why women want to be able to organize and meet as women without having to be “inclusive” of men all the time, even men who tell us they are women trapped in male bodies.

Updating to add more information via a comment by Naif:

As a founding member of the Nelson Women’s Centre with a long history of involvement as both a volunteer and board member, I feel compelled to present the other side of this story.

When the leadership of the centre decided to change its mandate to include all genders, they contravened the West Kootenay Women’s Association’s constitution that for 46 years has guided an organization for women, serving the needs of women in the community.

At the 2018 annual general meeting, a resolution to include all genders in the membership of the society was discussed. The resolution did not receive sufficient votes to pass. Yet the leadership of the centre ignored this result and proceeded as if the resolution had passed.

The decision by the leadership to change this 46-year-old mandate without proper procedures and without respecting the membership resulted in disagreement and confusion. Questioning or challenging the new direction became defined as “bullying.” But the “bullying” referred to was not one-sided, as the article implies.

Women who’ve been long-term volunteers, former board members and supporters of the women’s centre have been “bullied” by being banned from the centre and some threatened with legal action if they come to the centre. So who is bullying whom?


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