They lie as they breathe

In a break from watching the Cohen hearing, here is another lie that needs indignant documenting.

Donnie retweeted this lie from Princess Ivanka:

No it wasn’t. That was not the question asked of her. That question that was asked of her? It was not that. Her characterization of it is dishonest, in the sense that it is a lie.

Here is the clip. What Steve Hilton actually asked her is:

Here’s the Green New Deal, here’s the guarantee of a job. They say yeah, that’s what I want, that simple. What do you say to those people?

THE GUARANTEE OF A JOB. Hilton said people want the guarantee of a job, and Princess translated it to “a minimum guarantee for people ‘unwilling to work'” WHICH IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT SHE WAS ASKED.

God these people.

Now back to Cohen.

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