Gender identity for six-year-olds

An item in the latest Week in the War on Women made my hair stand on end:

Twitter user, Sarah Stuart, shared her experience of an online gender workshop she attended.

Wait what? A workshop on “gender identity” for KIDS 6 TO 12???

That’s not a “workshop,” that’s indoctrination. That’s brainwashing. That’s grooming.

Participants received a Zoom meeting link, without password, and an email warning that adults must ‘remain silent observers’. Sarah Stuart reports that most of the children onscreen were without supervision and only one had an adult present.

The workshop trainer was a trans identified female and trans rights activist called Joshua Jernigan. Based in North Carolina, Jernigan founded the Gender Education Network, an organization with “A goal to educate everyone about gender diversity”.

I wonder how Josh feels about the receding hairline.

Jernigan told the watching children that JK Rowling’s recent statements were “harmful” and “wrong” and the ensuing workshop was full of ideological rhetoric; sex is a spectrum, “same-gender attraction” supplants homosexuality, being a woman is not defined by biology, “deadnaming” and “misgendering” are verboten etc. Jernigan also discussed hormones, surgery and social transitioning and told children that they can change their pronouns as often as they like; ‘Try it on and see if it fits’.

I read the whole thread. It’s creepy as fuck.

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