Going back to “the old ways”

What is Red Tent Australia?

The aim of Red Tent Australia is to connect, collaborate and create a community of strong and educated women in a supportive & nurturing environment. Our direction is governed by the need to nurture a symbiotic relationship with the earth. We believe everyone is connected. We believe that the earth needs us to remember our ancestral knowledge & go back to “the old ways.”

It is our goal to connect women with their natural wisdom in all areas of their lives, to initiate and increase their healing.

Well, ick, as far as I’m concerned, but whatever. It’s a thingy for women, and the “red tent” reference is about menstruation, and the need to shun and punish female people for menstruating.

So of course it’s of the greatest importance to start adding men.

Here is a little bit about Emme🌷

Emme has been a member, regular active participant and volunteer in Red Tent circles for nearly 4 years. First at Sydney’s Northern Beaches then at Hornsby. She also has participated in the Sydney North Shore and Central Coast Red Tents.

She brings to the Executive Committee her being a representative of these roles and perspectives: member, volunteer, assistant, facilitator, executive committee member and also being from an often marginalised group in society with a desire to assist in enhancing inclusiveness for women of diverse backgrounds.

Diverse backgrounds like being a man! Those diverse backgrounds! Enhance inclusiveness by adding men to women’s groups, because women must never be allowed to have anything just for women. Unless it’s a bad thing, of course – back in the old days women and girls used to be exiled to Red Tents, where they might die of cold or carbon monoxide poisoning or being murdered after rape. No need to add men to that. But now that it’s just about “the need to nurture a symbiotic relationship with the earth” it’s time to add men so that the whole thing won’t be all weak and needy and boring.

There have been some skeptical responses but the nice people in charge of the Facebook group have deleted them all. Welcome aboard Femme Emme!

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