In a small hotel outside Kiev

Reuters reports:

Lying in rows of cots in a small hotel on the outskirts of Kiev, 51 babies born to surrogate mothers are stranded in Ukraine as the coronavirus lockdown is preventing parents from the United States, Europe and elsewhere from collecting them.

In other words the disgusting practice of renting human incubators (who just happen to be women, and not trans women at that) has resulted in 51 babies with no parents in the midst of a pandemic.

Interesting that exploiters of women choose Ukraine as their human incubator supplier. That couldn’t be because Ukraine is so desperate and vulnerable could it?

Ukraine imposed a ban on foreigners entering in March, and most parents have only seen their newborns through pictures and video calls with the clinic.

“Parents” my ass.

The Hotel Venice belongs to the clinic BioTexCom, which released video footage of the babies to raise public awareness and spur the government into acting more quickly.

Reaction from the authorities was swift.

Lyudmyla Denisova, the human rights ombudsman for the Ukrainian parliament, said the video showed the country had a “massive and systemic” surrogacy industry where babies were advertised as a “high quality product”.

Fuckin’ A.

The Hotel Venice is surrounded by a high fence with barbed wire. The building is usually where parents stay while picking up their babies. At BioTexCom, a surrogate mother receives about $15,000-$17,000.

For nine months of hard work and discomfort culminating in childbirth.

“The children are all provided with food, a sufficient number of employees look after them, but there is no substitute for parental care,” said Denis Herman, BioTexCom’s lawyer.

A bit late for that.

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