In light of something something something

We do believe in magic, we do we do we do believe in magic. Yes we’re a university, yes we’re a university in the 21st century not the 12th, but we do believe in magic.

Also we recognize that witches are witches, wizards are wizards, and demons exist.

Sarcasm aside, they sound as if they’re being held captive by angry men with guns. “Recite the formula or we pull the trigger.” There’s no thought in that statement, no explanation, no argument – there’s not even any new wording. It’s a literal formula, as rigid as the catechism, and as meaningless. We “recognize” these claims that are not true. We “recognize” that men are women if they say so. We “recognize” that “non-binary people” exist – but we have no idea what that’s supposed to mean. Also we know we have to use the phrases “trans people’s identities,” “significant harm,” and “an already marginalised community.” We know that if we don’t the bullets will fly.

What is an actual university doing issuing idiotic “statements” of this kind? It’s embarrassing as well as destructive.

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