Oger tells “cis woman” to be careful

Oh look, more “cis white woman=bitch cunt whore,” this time from the proudly non-cis (but still white, which seems careless) Morgane Oger.

That cis white female pedestal you put yourself on is your cage.

Say what? We don’t put ourselves on it, and it’s not a pedestal.

We don’t put ourselves on it because we didn’t make ourselves either white or female, we were just born both. It’s not a pedestal because we are still objects of contempt or loathing or both.

Dear cis woman leveraging patriarchy for personal advantage, I beg you to be careful what you ask for.

Dear condescending man telling women what we are and what to say, I beg you to fuck off.

Do you see that these words come overwhelmingly from well-off white women who face few other barriers than their role in the patriarchy they uphold to not fall from their their place?

He includes a photo of Meghan Murphy to underline the point – oh yes Meghan Murphy rolling in the millions she makes from freelance writing and organizing.

He really wants everyone to agree that women are in fact not an oppressed class but a privileged dominant exploitative one…because we don’t agree that men like Oger are women just because they say they are. He thinks that white women don’t get to count as women because they are just too privilege, so they are cis women instead, which makes them oppressors. (Does Oger ever snarl like this about “cis black women”? Any bets?)

He rants about purity tests then captions a photo of Rowling with

Is that Super Rich Oppressed Writer, really dressing up transphobia as feminism?

Well, is that Super Male Oppressed Trans Laydee really dressing up misogyny as feminism? Yes, he is, and he’s an asshole.

When I read commentary like yours, I am reminded of all the times supremacist ideology like you are thoughtlessly amplifying with your words has resulted in immeasurable harm to whole communities because individuals wrap themselves around Purity and Supremacy to justify their exclusion of others on arbitrary grounds rather than on conduct or any other action.

Except that “exclusion” of men from the category “women” is not arbitrary grounds, any more than it’s arbitrary to exclude elephants from the category “insects” or grapes from the category “fish.” The words are human inventions but that doesn’t mean that what they name is either arbitrary or random.

I put Oger in the category “dim bulb.”

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