The Losers

Eastern Airlines 1967:

Image may contain: 19 people, text that says 'Presenting The Losers Pretty9 good aren' they? We admit And they We listen her voice her speech, We judge her probably good enough get job practically personality, her maturity, her intelligence, in- onywhere hey tentions, her enthusiasm, her resiliency and her Eastern Airlines stewardess. stamina. girls, before one that qualifies looks were wouldn't tough. Sure, want pretty don't ace, make-up, her legs, her grooming, But figure, nair. want stewardess impatient question you areless bout needs. eliminate problems taking passingu girls ob lot harder. But makes ve isten. make EASTERN We want everyone fly.'

Sure, we want her to be pretty…don’t you?

Oh yes, definitely, I want her to look like a Barbie doll, thank you sir.

That’s why we look at her face, her makeup, her complexion, her figure, her weight, her legs, her grooming, her nails and her hair.

What about her breasts? What about her bum? Do you check her between the legs? Best to be safe about these things. Do you check her teeth, including the back ones? Her tongue? Her armpits?

Anyway at least they’re all very white.

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