A few more tiles fall off

Sir, sir, just a moment sir, not so fast sir, we have some questions for you sir, we have a subpoena for your records sir.

New York state’s attorney general has filed a new lawsuit against U.S. President Donald Trump’s company and several other defendants, according to court records.

The complaint against the Trump Organization and the other defendants was filed with a New York state court in Manhattan, the court records show.

Trump is at the Republican convention at this very moment, telling the assembled worshipers how awesome he is. Law-abiding no, but awesome yes.

A copy of the complaint was not immediately available, and its subject matter could not immediately be determined. A letter filed with the court indicates that Eric Trump, one of the president’s sons, is among the defendants.

You know what else Eric Trump is among? Speakers at Daddy’s convention.

Also! In other news! Other but related – Kellyanne Conway is quitting.

In a statement on Sunday, she cited a need to “devote more time to family matters.”

Her time in the White House was not without controversy. Two days after the inauguration, Conway coined the term “alternative facts” during an interview on NBC’s Meet The Press. She was also cited for violating the law against political activity by government employees multiple times, and the government office investigating those activities recommended her dismissal in 2019.

Her time in the White House was not without controversy i.e. she showed herself to be a sleazy lying hack who defended everything Trump did and said no matter what. Good riddance. Whoever replaces her will be just as bad but good riddance anyway.

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