The miracle of all time

The longer clip makes clear what a fool this Mike Lindell is. He’s the kind of guy that if he sat next to you on the train you would move to another car.

There is no evidence that oleandrin is a miracle cure.

Reports of this oleandrin push in the White House have raised eyebrows this week, as there is no evidence that oleandrin works to treat COVID-19 in humans. While oleandrin has been developed to treat cancer, it is still considered an “investigational new drug” that is not an approved cancer treatment in the U.S. What’s more, both oleandrin and the plant it is derived from are toxic to humans and animals; eating one oleander leaf can kill an adult.

Injecting bleach isn’t too healthy either.

Yet Lindell argued on Tuesday that oleandrin is “the miracle of all time,” and that “the tests are out there.” Indeed, he said he was contacted about it as far back as Easter Sunday, when he recalled that he “told the whole country to pray for the end to this pandemic.”

Oh well in that case there’s no more to be said. Bottle them babies up.

But the more Cooper grilled Lindell over any proof that oleandrin is effective against COVID-19, and that it has been tested for this purpose in humans in rigorous peer-reviewed, clinical trials, the more flustered Lindell became. “There has been studies the FDA has not published yet,” Liddell insisted. He repeated that one involved “a thousand people,” but he could offer no details about when or where it was done, or why the public hasn’t seen this report yet.

He said “a thousand people” a lot, in a very impassioned way, as if it were a clincher.

Good answer.

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