The oleander sandwiches are on the table

Now Trump is promoting a poison to “treat” the virus.

President Donald Trump and Mike Lindell, the creator of MyPillow and an avowed supporter, participated in a July meeting at the White House regarding the use of oleandrin as a potential therapeutic for coronavirus, Lindell confirmed to CNN.

What other meetings are they having? Meetings regarding being run over by tanks as a potential therapeutic for coronavirus? Meetings regarding being sliced up by swords as a potential therapeutic for coronavirus? Meetings regarding jumping out of planes without a parachute as a potential therapeutic for coronavirus?

Oleandrin is an extract from the plant Nerium oleander. The raw oleander plant is highly toxic, and consumption of it can be fatal.

So let’s use the presidency to tell people to try it! To cure a deadly disease! Which everyone would like to see a cure for!

[Lindell] described the President’s response toward the extract as “enthusiastic.”

“He was enthusiastic, as he is on everything that’s going to help people,” he told CNN, adding that Trump wanted the Food and Drug Administration to “do its course.”

No, as he is on random things that random people mention to him and that he knows nothing about. Things that really are going to help people he’s not enthusiastic about at all.

Trump confirmed he’s “heard about” oleandrin when asked Monday on the White House South Lawn, but still seemed to be in an information-gathering phase.

Hahahahahaha is that what you call it.

Last week, Lindell was added to the board of Phoenix Biotechnology, which makes oleandrin, and received a financial stake in the company.

Well great, thank god Trump is getting his information from a disinterested observer.

“The reason I did that, I want this to get to the public so bad and I want to get it out there to help people,” he said.

As far as I can tell Lindell has no medical training. Wikipedia says his background is more in crack addiction.

During the 1980s and 1990s, Lindell was addicted to cocainecrack cocaine, and alcohol, leading to foreclosure of his house, and his wife filing for divorce. Lindell stated that he achieved sobriety through prayer in 2009, and, since then, has been clean.

That’s nice but it’s no substitute for medical or pharmaceutical training. You need that before it’s of interest that you’re “enthusiastic” about a poisonous plant as treatment for a virus.

How poisonous is it though? Pretty damn poisonous.

While it’s a beautiful shrub, all parts of it are toxic to people and animals. Ingesting any part can cause serious symptoms or even death. Skin contact also can result in irritation, such as rashes and sores. Plus, even smoke from burning the plant is toxic. 

But hey, let’s get all excited and “enthusiastic” about popping it for covid or to prevent covid or just on general principles.

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