What the specific demands for liberation ARE

Jane Clare Jones reads another piece by another trans activist, this one by

Torr Robinson, a person with they/them pronouns who is the Trans Officer for London Young Labour and one of the founders of the recent pledge defaming Woman’s Place and calling for us to be expelled from the Labour Party.

Is it a good piece? It is not. Does it contain surprises? It does not.

The piece is called For Trans Liberation, and this idea is summoned throughout. There is, however, no specification about what Torr is calling for liberation from, or what the specific demands for liberation are.

There never is. There is never any explanation of what “trans rights” are, either. There is only ever slogan-brandishing.

… the overwhelming majority of the piece is about the fight against transphobia, and it would seem therefore that the overall thrust is about ‘liberation from transphobia.’ (In this it mimics one of our most common observations about the TRM. Why have you not devoted your considerable resources and organisational power to pushing for the material resources that you need, rather than going all in on trying to politically abolish sex and bullying the many women who object? Answer: Because ‘Trans Liberation’ isn’t actually ‘Trans Liberation.’ It’s ‘Trans Validation.’ And what ‘Trans Validation’ demands is that we all collude with you that sex does not exist.)

Quite so. “Validation” is not a reasonable political goal in the first place, especially when what we are supposed to validate is an absurd fiction. As I’ve said long past the point of tedium, there is no “right” to be confirmed or believed or “validated” as something one is not. If anything it’s the other way around – we all have a right not to be compelled to affirm lies. I can accept that some men are acutely uncomfortable with being male and can relieve their discomfort by thinking of themselves as female. That doesn’t violate our understanding of the world. But accepting that acute discomfort with being male equals literally being female is a different thing altogether and, like Alice, I can’t believe that. Even if I try I can’t. The most I can do is echo it, and I think there are good reasons not to echo lies, and there are many good reasons not to echo that one. The fact that women are women, and only women are women, and we have not achieved full liberation from male dominance yet, is one such good reason.

Jane goes into the whole thing in detail, with her usual panache.

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