Bullies win another round

“Gender and identity reporter” Vic Parsons at Pink News tells us about a protest against those evil bitches who like to swim at a women and children only beach:

A “swim-in for trans inclusion” at the women-only coastal swimming pool in Coogee, Sydney, on 17 January saw trans and cis swimmers defy a transphobic policy the pool released last week and celebrate transgender pride and solidarity.

That is, there was a swim-in to pressure women who use the women-only coastal swimming pool in Sydney to agree that it can stop being women-only now, and to celebrate the pride and solidarity of men who take everything away from women.

Protestors held signs reading “Stop drinking JK’s pool-aid!” and “Let them swim”.

That is, protesters trashed JK Rowling for the seventy billionth time even though she has nothing to do with this issue, and demanded that women who want to swim without men present just fuck all the way off.

The protest, which saw hundreds of LGBT+ people demanding that the organisation apologise and include trans women, comes after the women-only pool was heavily criticised for introducing a new policy banning some trans women from the pool.

That is, the protest saw hundreds of people demanding that the women-only pool apologize for being women only and include men.

The new policy was then retracted, and the McIver’s Ladies Baths has now deleted its Facebook page and website.

Men win, women lose. Men can invade women’s spaces, women cannot refuse. Funny how rapey that sounds, isn’t it.

Janet Anderson, who started the viral #LetThemSwim hashtag on social media in response to McIver’s exclusion of trans women, said in a statement before the protest: “It’s time for women’s spaces to start advocating for ALL women. No woman left behind.”

That is, it’s time for women’s spaces to start advocating for MEN. Shut up about women.

Mardi Gras board director and co-organiser Charlie Murphy added: “We have seen a massive outpouring of community support for transgender people. The council has received thousands of comments, and more than 10,000 people have signed a petition calling for the pool to adopt an openly trans-inclusive policy.

“Gender should not be determined by what’s in your pants.”

But what’s in your pants has been known to rape women, so women don’t actually have the luxury of ignoring it.

At Sunday’s protest, trans activist Janet Anderson gave a speech emphasising that “trans folk have been silenced for too long” by the cultural mainstream, and pointed out that the majority of the public support trans inclusion. “What will it take for organisations like this to understand that this is what the public wants?” she asked.

It sounds so amiable when you call it “trans inclusion”; naturally the public says yes, sure, include everyone, we’re all human. It sounds much less amiable when you call it “men demanding to be allowed to swim in the women-only pool” and that’s why Vic Parsons didn’t word it that way.

Anderson also said that the McIver’s Ladies Baths latest website update on the policy was “ambiguous” and “leaves [the] door open to discrimination”.

She concluded that “this is not about keeping women safe, this is about policing women’s bodies… we must ensure that all women are welcome to use the baths… [not just those] who fit [an inappropriate, narrowly defined] idea of womanhood”.

Yes inappropriate and narrowly defined in the sense of meaning women as opposed to men who think of themselves as fluffy pink laydeeez.

More than 12,000 people have signed a petition calling on the organisation to issue a full apology, make clear that all women are welcome at the baths, and to reinstate and update its website to reflect that the women-only baths are trans-inclusive regardless of what gender-affirming surgery a trans woman has had.

“If there are single-sex spaces, it should be the individual’s right to choose that which best matches their identity,” the petition says.

That is, if there are single-sex spaces, men should always have the right to say that the women’s space best matches their identity, period end of story no argument. If the men in question are 7 feet tall and muscular and belligerent in affect they still get to choose the single-sex space for women, and splash about to their hearts’ content. That’s only fair.

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