Diary of a transgender Teddy bear

School of trans.

Anna Slatz has more:

In October, Colmers Farm Primary School gave its Year 6 studens an assignment to write diary entries from the perspective of “Tilly, a transgender bear.” The school initially posted about the results of the project on their Twitter, but has since deleted the month-old tweet, likely due to some emerging public attention. The tweet had included screenshots of some of the children’s assignments, which were quickly preserved by netizens.

Here’s the tweet:

Start the indoctrination early!

All students were required to state “I can define/understand what transgender and transitioning means” at the beginning or end of their essays.

They’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated. In primary school.

The assignment was part of the school’s No Outsiders scheme, one created by author and teacher Andrew Moffat.


Andrew MoffatMBE (born 1972) is a British teacher at Parkfield Community School in Birmingham, and the author of several books and educational resources, including the No Outsiders programme, an approach to teaching primary school-aged children about diversity and tolerance, for which he was nominated for the Global Teacher Prize.

What kind of “diversity” and “tolerance” though? Does diversity include bullies, sadists, exploiters? Are children taught to “tolerate” cruelty, hitting, biting, lying?

Back to Anna Slatz:

People have reported that while No Outsiders claims to teach respect for all forms of diversity, there is an extreme slant on transgender subjects and issues, as well as an outright misrepresentation of some facets of the U.K’s Equality Act in favor of supporting gender ideology at the expense of other protected rights and groups.

Who knew Teddy was a secret agent?

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