Equality? Inclusion? Are you sure?

Another target selected.

Just like that. One inquisitor tells the Royal Academy that an artist is (or has been) “expressing transphobic views” and bam, the Royal Academy goes belly-up and says please don’t hurt us – and throws the artist to the wolves and stops selling her work. Just like that.

And what are these “transphobic views”? What is their content? Just that women are women, and no one else is. That’s all. It’s simple, it’s basic, we all used to know it perfectly well. We used to know it and now we’re subject to abrupt firing and banishing and boycotting for continuing to know it – all so that men can continue to pretend to be women and get lavish praise for doing so. The lies are rewarded and the truth is punished.

Also it’s not “their work won’t be stocked in future.” Miserable cowards. It’s her work. Hers. It’s a woman you’re doing this public harm to.

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