Glinner on the destruction of Green Party Women:

This, from Mumsnet, has been circulating on Twitter today. It concerns drug pusher and abusive male, Kathryn Bristow.

Graham shares a message from a Green Party member:

“I am writing with the latest antics of Kathryn Bristow, who has now declared themselves the sole chair of green party women.

A couple of days ago Kathryn Bristow decided that it was a bad idea for women to be able to interact and speak freely in the internal members-only  Green Party women discussion space. It began with him removing posts on LGBT issues, in order to make it a ‘safe space for all women and non-binary people’.

Women objected, Bristow made threats of legal action. Women continued to object, Bristow made threats of deletion and disciplinary action.

The uppity women continued to object, so Kathryn showed his true colours by locking down the space, deleting all the contributions and comments of women since his last post in March, and declared that going forward the communication would be one way only- from him to the members.

This is a man, remember, silencing all the women in the Green Party women’s party…including the co-chair, who is an actual woman, unlike the man who silenced her.

Read Glinner’s post for all the grotesque details.

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