False marketing

You have to be really careful about what ideologies you subscribe to. I could just say don’t subscribe to any, but I’m not sure that’s possible, or desirable. It can be considered an ideology to think that other people exist and have rights, and that the self doesn’t have a right to trample other people’s rights. Maybe we have to have some ideology to avoid total ruthless self-interest. But we do have to be cautious. Unlike…

What’s her problem here? That she hasn’t paused to ask herself what “rights” she’s talking about. The “right” she’s talking about isn’t in fact a genuine right at all. Men don’t have a “right” to force themselves on naked women at a spa. That’s a made-up right – more made-up than the more sturdy rights that have been around a bit longer than the shiny new “trans” ones.

So there it is – Laurie Penny is saying never mind that this one guy who forced himself on naked women and girls at a spa turns out to be not trans but just a predatory man, we still have to protect the “right” of men who say they are trans to force themselves on naked women and girls.

But we don’t. We don’t have to. That’s not a genuine right, and it shouldn’t be declared a genuine right.

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