Guest post: If they had any real examples

Originally a comment by Bjarte Foshaug on Mission creep creeps again.

YNnB? #20

Exactly, it’s roughly analogous to saying “I am entitled to get for free what you have to pay for”.

If they had better arguments, they would use them.

Indeed, and as you have correctly pointed out several times already, if they had any real examples of feminists stirring up “hate” against trans people, denying their “rights”, advocating “violence” etc. they would use it for everything it was worth. It should be a huge red flag to anyone when an ideological pressure group keeps making such outrageous accusations without providing any specifics apart from the words that they themselves put into the mouths of their opponents (like the corrupt cops often portrayed in gangster movies who plant drugs or weapons on an innocent person just to give themselves an excuse to have him/her arrested).

Funnily, when I got into feminism in the aftermath of “Elevatorgate” and the ensuing Anti Harassment Policy Wars, the women who were targeted by MRAs (including Ophelia) never had any problem with providing endless concrete examples of obvious hatespeech, bullying, and threats. Not that any more examples were needed. One of my most vivid memories from that time was watching Caroline Criado-Perez’ mentionings on twitter fill up with the ugliest cyberbullying I had ever seen, including the obligatory rape and death threats, faster than the twitter feed could load them. I would click “refresh”, and by the time the tweets were finished loading there were 15 new ones waiting in line. These attacks could go on for hours at a time, everyday for months or even years.

When my twitter feed started filling up with horror stories about the diabolical TERFs (supposedly at least as bad as the MRAs going after CCP), it was a very different story indeed. No direct quotes, or screencaps, or retweets of the alleged “TERF’s” actual words, only the TA’s own account of what her words supposedly implied as seen through the distorting lens of a Million unquestioned assumptions and ideological dogma, and only at the other end of a long train of impossibly sloppy inferences, extrapolations, mindreading etc.. In fact the only actual examples of hateful and violent rhetoric seemed to come from their own side. It wasn’t long before I realized that the diabolical “TERFs” they were talking about included at least half of the feminists I was following. That’s when I realized that this was a pseudo social rights movement with more in common with “incels” than feminists or anti-racists.

It didn’t have to be that way. There could have been a legitimate movement for people genuinely suffering from gender sex dysphoria, indeed there should have been, but that’s not the trans rights movement we have now. Feminists didn’t cause me to think this, TAs did. If this were about fighting real transphobia, then at least to an excellent first approximation 0% of their time and effort would be spent fighting feminists while 100% would be spent fighting toxic masculinity. Instead as good as 100% of their time and effort is spent fighting feminists, and rather than fighting toxic masculinity, they are actively engaging in it.

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