He calls this a lesbian relationship

Ah what a nice way to observe Lesbian Visibility Day. Via Queensland Council for LGBTI Health – QC:

I’m Evie, and I feel I am pansexual, and attracted to people not so much the gender. I also Identity as female and happily in love with my female partner for 10 years, and I call this a lesbian relationship. I work for Open Doors as an alcohol and other drugs worker, I’m a keen skate boarder, make short queer films, and plug into virtual reality a lot, and I’m part of a group that’s called We Skate Brisbane.

I spent most of my life searching for lesbian and queer visibility, it’s like oxygen for my soul to meet others, and learning about the community and various identities helps to build a world of hope for me.

I don’t know if I would call myself a champion (note from the Editor: QC does!), as I just see myself as driven. I just can’t rest as there is so much to do in and with the community, and I just know I have to keep trying. #LesbianVisibilityDay

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