“”inherent differences””

The endless struggle to pretend we don’t know what we know. It must be exhausting.

Throughout the country, roughly 35 bills have been introduced by state legislators that would limit or prohibit transgender women from competing in women’s athletics, according to the LGBTQ rights group Freedom for All Americans. That’s up from only two in 2019.

Yes of course it’s “up,” because more boys and men are doing this.

The latest action in this push came last week, when Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves signed into law the “Mississippi Fairness Act.” The law prohibits schools from allowing transgender female students to compete in female sports and cites “inherent differences between men and women” as one of the reasons to block these athletes from competition.

The quotation marks can be just ordinary quotation marks, to convey “this is the exact wording in the bill”…but they can also be scare quotes, to convey “can you believe the absurdity of thinking there are inherent physical differences between men and women?”. Choosing that particular bit of wording to put in quotation marks can’t help but suggest skepticism or mockery.

The often heated debates around these bills have centered on whether transgender women and girls have an unfair advantage over cisgender women — a term used for those who identify with the sex assigned to them at birth.

A term used by dogmatists to make strange the routine humdrum knowledge that men are not women and women are not men.

Proponents say the legislation is needed in order to maintain fairness in women’s athletics by reducing what they believe is an inherent competitive edge of trans athletes who identify as female. Critics call that a false argument and say the proposals are being used as a way to discriminate against transgender Americans.

But how can it be a false argument, NPR? Could you explain that bit? Could you possibly let us in on the secret of how it can be possible that men don’t have an inherent competitive edge?

Also, the issue isn’t “transgender Americans,” it’s boys and men who cheat girls and women in athletic competitions.

But we mustn’t ever spell that out.

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