Just following the orders

She didn’t mean anything by it, and besides Trump told her to.

A Texas real estate agent who was part of the pro-Trump mob that attacked the US Capitol said on Monday she was just following the orders of Donald Trump even as she faced federal charges for her part in the insurrection.

“I have no guilt in my heart,” Jenna Ryan told NBC News. “I’m glad I was there because I witnessed history. And I’ll never get the chance to do that again.”

I certainly fucking hope not.

“President Trump requested that we be in DC on 6 January,” she said. “So this was our way of going and stopping the steal.”

“I listen to my president, who told me to go to the Capitol,” she told CBS in an earlier interview.

Useful evidence for the Senate impeachment trial, and federal prosecution later on.

She subsequently left a trail of social media posts documenting her participation in the insurrection, including a picture next to a broken window and a video of her saying: “We’re armed and dangerous. This is just the beginning.”

A Facebook live stream showed Ryan entering the Capitol, promoting her real estate business and saying: “We’re going to fucking go in here. Life or death.”

She told NBC that, though she joined a mob that broke into the Capitol, where some rioters ransacked offices and sought out lawmakers to kidnap and kill, some chanting “Hang Mike Pence”, she had not been advocating aggression.

In that case she should have turned around and left the scene. She didn’t leave, she stayed and participated and boasted about it.

It is unclear whether Trump will include any of the rioters in a list of about 100 people he plans to pardon in his last days in office. Allies have warned against it.

Meaning, they told him it would be bad for him. That means he won’t do it.

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