Police without pride



Priti Patel says don’t record crimes by men who claim to be trans as crimes by women in the statistics (for blindingly obvious reasons), and a woman cop who is co chair of the LGBT+ network for cops says well in that case don’t record women as victims? Wtf???

Where does she get the “so” and the “then”? So and then imply logic, or a chain of causation, or something along those lines. But what could such a chain be? Men who claim to be trans are not women, so they should not be recorded as women in the statistics when they commit crimes. That’s obvious. The point of the statistics is to record the truth of who does what to whom. They need to be accurate to do that job. If you make them not accurate by recording the wrong sex on the basis of men’s fantasies, what possible use are they? So men who commit crimes should be recorded as men in the stats, no matter how they say they “identify.”

The same applies to recording women who are victims of crime (as women are all too often) in the stats. You don’t want to mess up the stats by recording fictions. You want to know how many women really are victims of crime…so why would you stop recording them as such because you’re also not recording that men are women in the stats?

Besides sheer idiotic spite, that is. But surely a woman cop wouldn’t stoop to that kind of spite? Surely?

Updating to add: she did explain her thinking. It’s as bad as it appeared.


But the issue is recording men as perpetrators. That’s what Patel is talking about. Obviously men shouldn’t be reported as female victims either, but the issue here is the perps.

And it’s not “erasing” people as people to record their sex accurately. They’re still people and they’re not erased. Police statistics are not about personal whimsical identities, they’re about the basic realities.

This fucking fool shouldn’t be a cop at all.

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