The same old binary

I have to wonder why the SMH saw fit to publish this childish drivel.

Before the movie begins, I duck off to the bathrooms. Down a dim corridor I find the signs: F and M. The same old binary. There’s no other choice. For the umpteenth time, I sigh. Which of two bad options to choose today? I’m neither man nor woman, but I must pretend to be one or the other if I’m to empty my bursting bladder. Outside the entrance, I hesitate, weighing up the dilemma.

But of course he is either man or woman. His name is Yves Reese so apparently a man but who knows, maybe he gave himself a go on, guess name. But either way he’s one or the other.

And of course it’s “the same old binary.” Also the doors are tall enough but not too tall, and the seats are designed for human bodies not snakes or ostriches or ants. No, sunshine, the movie theater hasn’t been redesigned to accommodate precious you and your gem-encrusted idenniny.

Since I cropped my hair and started binding my breasts, I’ve been attracting hostile stares from women perturbed by my presence in this feminine space.

Ah there it is, ok now we know.

What to do? I just want to pee and then watch a movie, not have my identity scrutinised by strangers. And no matter which option I choose, I’ll be misgendering myself.

But yourself also wants to pee so yourself will forgive yourself if you just shut up and go in the women’s and empty your bladder without all this self-involved blather.

Out in the world, non-binary people are erased, wiped off the domain of the possible. We know ourselves to be neither men nor women, but the world refuses to acknowledge that people like us can even exist. Our self-knowledge is dismissed. Through the architecture of everyday life, we are made inconceivable. There’s literally no space for us.

You don’t know yourselves to be neither men nor women. You may think you do, but you’re wrong. You’re a gender non-conforming woman, now go get on with your life by thinking about something not yourself.

H/t GW

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