They disagreed with the dogma

An exchange:

So let’s talk about Lucy Bannerman’s article:

Stonewall has been accused of using a workplace equality scheme to “coerce” publicly-funded organisations and companies to lobby for changes to the law.

The missing agent again. Accused by whom? I guess that’s a newspaper convention, because the lede is supposed to be very stripped-down and grabby, so if the “by whom” is complicated it gets put off until later. Anway –

Documents show how the charity seeks to control what NHS trusts, government departments and local councils say on their social media accounts, demanding public support for its controversial views on gender identity, in return for points on its Top 100 Employers index.

I’m still wondering how Stonewall managed to corner the market on this. Why can’t NHS trusts and the rest just tell them to fuck off?

The Times can disclose that the charity is using the index to force organisations to lobby on its behalf, rewarding them with higher rankings if they bring their own policies in line with Stonewall’s agenda, and dropping them from the Top 100 if they do not.

Which is probably how any such arrangement works – if you flatter us we will flatter you back; if you don’t, we’ll leave you and find someone who will. The question is why everyone needs to be flattered by Stonewall. Are there any other subordinated groups that have this kind of lock on public bodies? Is there a feminist group that gets to make demands this way?

It reminds me of the lock the Muslim Council of Britain used to have on the BBC and other news media; I wonder if it was this explicit.

Simon Fanshawe, one of the original founders of Stonewall, told The Times: “[The index] started out as a way of helping employers ensure their lesbian and gay staff were well looked after, so for example, that they got compassionate leave if their partner was ill or died. It was a kind of kitemark.

“But what it has turned into now sounds more like coercion — a way of coercing employers in their language and structure, instead of encouraging them to embrace the different needs of their LGBT staff.”

So basically all about the propaganda.

More later. I need to grab a walk before it gets too hot.

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