Unconscious processing

I’m curious about something.

I randomly saw this painting in a book and the name of the painter popped up in my brain (and I checked and it really was the painter), and the thing about that is that I don’t know why. I don’t know how I knew and I don’t know why it was so quick and automatic. I “recognized” the painter but I don’t know why I did. We’ll talk about who it is eventually but for now I’m curious to see if anyone else recognizes the painter, with or without knowing how.

There are other paintings by this painter that are what’s called “iconic” – instantly recognizable, and no surprise about it. But to me this one doesn’t particularly look reminiscent of those…but it probably does in some way, or I wouldn’t have known who the painter was. Or maybe I would, if I’d seen it before and remembered without knowing I remembered – the way I know how to type but can’t list the keys in the right position without looking. So I’m curious about all that, so tell me what you see. Don’t say the name for now.

Edward Hopper | From Williamsburg Bridge | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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