A comrade

Eilis O’Hanlon in the Independent (Ireland):

The coalition now known as Trans Equality Together launched last Monday with the stated aim of ensuring “trans and non-binary people are equal, safe and valued”.

By Thursday, it had secured the signatures of such august bodies as the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, Amnesty Ireland and the National Women’s Council on a letter denouncing RTÉ for daring to host a debate on Liveline with women who refuse to bend to the notion that anyone with a penis must be automatically accepted as a woman if they say they are one.

So that’s what equal, safe and valued mean? That women are not allowed to say men are not women?

I don’t have the rest of the article but Glinner has letters in reply:

It is notable that the overwhelming majority of letters are strongly supportive of the views expressed by Eilis O’Hanlon. Had we received more letters critical of the column, we would of course have published a selection of these in the interests of balance. What is on the page, however, is strongly representative of the views received.

Alan English, Editor, Sunday Independent.

Sir —A huge thank you to Eilis O’Hanlon. I am a working-class, middle-aged woman who is very concerned about what I see as the attempted erasure of the word ‘woman’ from Irish legislation.

I have fought and marched for women’s rights all my life, and also campaigned for marriage equality and to Repeal the Eighth. On social media, which I have now left because of the toxic atmosphere, I’ve been called a dinosaur, a bigot, transphobic and hateful, all for respectfully asking questions and attempting discussion. I have never been called anything close to these things in all my years, and it is extremely hurtful to say the least.

Women must be allowed to speak, and we must be listened to.

And much more along the same lines. It’s very cheering.

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