ACLU ramps up the lying

The ACLU has a fundraising ad on Facebook that links to a quiz about abortion rights. You know what happens next.

4. In what ways are states trying to force people to remain pregnant?

What they conceal and deny by doing this is the power aspect, the dominance-submission aspect, the inequality aspect, the systemic arrangements by which men get to tell women what to do but women don’t get to tell men what to do, the centrality of reproduction and pregnancy in the domination of women by men. What they conceal and deny by lying about who gets pregnant is the political aspect of abortion restrictions. The ACLU makes it all look random by telling the lie that people in general are forced to remain pregnant. This idiotic dishonest abusive “activism” is erasing women and feminism from the public discourse entirely, and most of the left is cheering it on.

That’s not the only one, either. Of course it’s not.

Forcing patients to make extra unnecessary trips to the clinic

… examples of other restrictions or policies that also force people to remain pregnant.

Abortion bans disproportionately impact people who are:

Black people and other people of color

And then they confront us head-on:

9. True or False: Forced pregnancy only impacts women.

Of course when you click true they inform you you’re WRONG it’s FALSE.

Trans and nonbinary people can also be forced to continue a pregnancy.

Idiots – and misogynists.

10. How can you fight forced pregnancy and help ensure that people can get an abortion if they need one?

Not by pretending that it’s not a denial of women’s rights, that’s for damn sure. Idiots.

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