Cet animal est très méchant

Russia has things back to front here.

Sending heavy weapons and other arms to Ukraine is dangerous for European security, the Kremlin has warned Western nations.

Sure, and if I set fire to a neighbor’s house it’s dangerous for the neighbor to summon the fire trucks.

What’s really dangerous for European security is this whole thing of Putin trying to smash Ukraine back into being a branch of Mother Russia. You broke it you pay for it.

Spokesman Dmitry Peskov was responding to a speech by UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss urging Kyiv’s allies to “ramp up” military production to help Ukraine.

Western allies have maintained their support does not amount to a military confrontation between Moscow and Nato.

But Peskov told reporters: “The tendency to pump weapons, including heavy weapons into Ukraine, these are the actions that threaten the security of the continent, provoke instability.”

Like the old joke about a sign (probably apocryphal but I don’t know) at a French zoo that said this animal is wicked, if attacked it defends itself*. It’s not the “tendency” to help Ukraine defend itself that provokes instability, it’s the unprovoked attack on Ukraine that provokes instability. You the provoker, Vlad, not that other guy.

*Cet animal est très méchant,
Quand on l’attaque il se défend.

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