Funny kind of welcome message

The misogyny gets more blatant by the day.

It’s a very long thread so I’ll quote some of it, to speed things up.

“Wider context: women increasingly face hostility for defending their rights as members of the female sex, or for simply acknowledging that being sexed female is a thing, despite sex being a protected characteristic in the Equality Act 2010. Lesbians are facing abuse, assaults and exclusion when they assert being same-sex attracted (i.e. females exclusively attracted to females), even though sexual orientation (based on sex) is also a protected characteristic in the Equality Act 2010. Women have even had to go to court to defend the right not to be discriminated at work for raising issues around their sex-based rights in personal capacity outside of their work environment.”

Misogyny is in fashion again. Women are the enemy. It’s cool to call women derogatory names in public. Women are cunts bitches TERFs Karens.

“It is within this climate of hatred against women who stand up for themselves as female people that GROOVE uses the term TERF to garner a ‘positive’ response from the audience. #everydaymisogyny

Within this increasingly hostile environment for women who have the temerity to state that their sex matters, @jk_rowling has emerged as a leading figure advocating for the importance of the female sex being recognised in language, policy and law.”

“Imagine if there was a show with an announcement saying “No trans people!” (but used another word that is considered derogatory) – would you @ace_london and @TNLComFund have funded that? If not, why not? How is a slur for women different?”

[“abhorred by it” in 20 is a typo for “appalled”]

“I went with 4 friends, our group was made up of 2 lesbians, 2 bisexual women and myself. As soon as we arrived alarm bells started ringing. I picked up a leaflet and it talked about the ‘queer’ dance floor and what it means ‘to be queer’. ‘Queer’ to many lesbians and gay men is a slur but now we’re supposed to accept it as our default label. The show also prides itself on being intergenerational, but what of the older generation to whom the word ‘queer’ is most painful?” #queerwashing

Oh we beat them up, the way we beat up Fred Sargeant.

Not even all that subtle.

“There are about 30 people in the audience, some in their 20s and 30s but mostly older. The show starts with slow pulsating, dreamy music. Coloured lights flash and the cast members come onto stage. There are 4 males and 2 females. For 6 and half minutes some dance on their own, one caresses a weave, one gazes into a handheld mirror, they strike poses as a group, then Sky addresses the audience:

‘We come to the club to get fucked up, to kiss strangers and to forget that sometimes the outside world hates us.’ No sooner has Sky exited than the stage is set for the “No terfs! No JK Rowling” announcement.

‘They’d put a lot of thought into it,’ says MrMenno, ‘It was pre-recorded and staged for maximum effect, like some grand proclamation of Groove’s values. It would’ve been scripted, rehearsed, recorded – they knew exactly what they were doing.’

One of the performers, Kim, appears upstage and adopts a dramatic pose, sequin dress shimmering under a spotlight. As the announcement plays, Kim mimes along while other performers dance near the front.

‘Good evening! Welcome to Groove tonight! Experience the love, the joy, the pain, the pleasure and ecstasy! Everybody is welcome to this house tonight! Except… conservatives, TERFs, religious bigots, Karens and JK Rowling.'”

Karens! That gives the game away doesn’t it. “Karen” doesn’t generally have anything to do with “TERFs”; it’s a different branch of casual misogyny. The fact that it’s included in this pageant of hatred for women is quite revealing.

Solidarity with Mr Menno and his friends.

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